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The build up of sludge in hot water central heating systems is inevitable.
No matter what fuel source is used over a period of time this sludge can block pipework and prevent the radiators from distributing heat around your house.
Sludge can also seriously affect the efficiency of your central heating system, it will lead to higher fuel bills and will accelerate the time you will need to replace some or all your system.
All central heating systems are unique and their condition depends on type.
My powerflush is the latest Norstrom Magmaster unit which can flush as many as 30 radiators at a time utilizing powerful magnets to clean and filter your system. Once the system as been flushed an inhibitor will be added to protect the system from further sludge and scale build up.
Considerable savings can be made on running costs of your system due to the benefits from power flushing and returning your system back to health.
Proflush Magmaster System
The quick, clean and efficient way to remove magnetite and all particles from the circulating system water during the power flushing operation.
This acts as a single pass filter that will filter out all the loosened debris circulating around the system during the cleaning process resulting in a reduction of around an hour off the average house cleaning time.
The magnetic filtration unit collects all the debris so that the householder can see what has been taken out of the system and reduces the chance of any debris re-entering the boiler which may cause early failure.
We would recommend once your flush is complete to Install a Magnaclean into the system this will help prevent further build up of Iron oxide.


MagnaClean Professional is a proven, high efficiency, full-flow magnetic filter designed to tackle all central heating systems removing virtually 100% of the suspended black iron oxide.  The benefits of this simple technology are immediate:
  • Simple installation and effortless servicing saving time and money
  • Immediate results and system protection following installation
  • No ongoing running costs
  • Quick and easy chemical dosing
  • Long operational life AND guaranteed for TWO years


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