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Oil Boiler Servicing

​​Enhance your boiler’s efficiency with a regular oil boiler service

Similar to having a gas boiler regularly serviced both OFTEC and oil boiler manufactures also recommend a yearly service to keep your oil boiler working at its most efficient. An annual oil boiler service helps to reduce fuel bills and save money on costly breakdowns.

Chambers Plumbing & Heating have been servicing and maintaining oil boilers for domestic customers for over 10 years.

By having your oil boiler serviced regularly by an OFTEC technician you can afford the peace of mind that you are doing all you can to keep your boiler working at its most efficient level.

There are lots of reasons why your oil boiler might not be heating your home and providing hot water as it should some of the common reasons can often be diminished through regular servicing.

What happens during an oil boiler service?

During your oil boiler service the OFTEC engineer will check your boiler is safe and working as efficiently as possible, highlighting  any areas that may need attention and providing specific advice to suit your heating systems.

An oil boiler service will typically take between 1- 2 hours aside the engineer will visually inspect the boiler and flue, remove the outer case to check and clean the internal components of your boiler.

Often you will require a new oil nozzle, oil nozzles dictate the amount of oil to pass through the burner.  Over time the nozzle warps which lowers the boiler’s efficiency. During your boiler service your nozzle will often be replaced.

The heat exchanger will be cleaned removing any soot build-up. If debris is allowed to build up in the heat exchanger this can cause permanent damage meaning the heat exchanger will need to be replaced or even render your boiler beyond economical repair.

Heating controls and pressure relief valves are also inspected.

  • Remove baffles, clean and check for any damage
  • Clean the flu-ways
  • Clean and adjust the ignition components
  • Check all boiler seals and joints
  • Check there are no obvious signs of damage to the wiring
  • Re-set the burner operating pressure
  • Adjust the co2 settings using a analyser to gain maximum efficiency
  • Check fire valve operation

During your oil boiler service the engineer will check the oil tank visually and checked for any blocked filters or oil leaks.

Once your service is complete you will be handed an OFTEC CD/11 form which will provide you with further information and keep your warranty valid and cover your moral and legal obligations with regard to the environmental emissions.

Do I really need a boiler service?

If you decide against regular servicing, there is a much higher risk of your boiler breaking down when you need it most. Typically as the weather turns colder and need to turn on the heating. Without regular servicing long term damage can occur which can otherwise be prevented. Older boilers which aren’t serviced can lose large amounts of energy meaning you are spending more money to heat your home and deliver hot water. Many manufacturers state a regular service is required to keep an oil boilers warranty policy valid.

Signs that it may need a service include:

  • Black smoke or build up of soot-this prevents the  boiler from burning oil efficiently
  • A yellow or brown staining around or on the boiler
  • A bad smell around the boiler
  • Boiler frequently going onto lock out​
Oil Boiler service Prices:
Regular Oil Boiler service:  £80 + parts + VAT
Condensing Oil Boiler service:  £90 + parts + VAT

Oil Boiler Breakdowns

You cannot always prevent a breakdown occurring but by using an OFTEC technician you can do your best to get your boiler back up and running as soon as possible.

An oil boiler that is running with faults will be less efficient meaning fuel bills could be higher than they usually are, furthermore if left with faults this puts a strain can be put on other parts of the boiler which can cause additional faults over time that may otherwise of been reduced.

Reliable fuel supplies
With oil you have a choice of suppliers. You can either get quotes every time you need to top up your tank, or alternatively many suppliers offer prepayment or direct debit plans.
When it comes to storing oil there is a choice of oil storage solutions which I can advise and recommend, don't forget to fill your tank in the summer ready for winter that way you will avoid higher costs and long delivery times.











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