Leak Detection

Chambers plumbing & heating endeavour to confirm a leak with at least two methods of leak detection. No one piece of equipment can find every leak and if we don't find a leak there will be no fee, once the leak is located as a plumbing and heating business we can repair the fault with no further inconvenience and at a cost far cheaper then most.

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All equipment is none invasive, causing minimum inconvenience to you

Thermal Imaging Leak Detection:


The new Bosch GTC 400 Professional is the robust and easy to understand solution to visualise temperature differential and to process data easily. It is state-of-the-art technology that helps you trace pipework under floors and through walls, bringing all the benefits of thermal imaging helping you locate problem pipework.

Acoustic Leak Detection & Tracer Gas Detection:

Hl700 sensor 1.png

The Hydrolux is a acoustic listening device capable of filtering outside noise to zone in on a leaking pipe. When a leak occurs noise is created as the water is leaving the pipe through pressure, this is were the Hydrolux picks up the noise even deep under concrete and finds the location. The unit can pinpoint very accurately where the leak is coming from keeping excavation to a minimum.

If the leak is under low pressure and very little noise is created the hydrolux as the facility to detect tracer gas. This would be introduced into your pipework and is a safe mixer of hydrogen and nitrogen which is lighter then air this then can be detected even through concrete as it rises.

Moisture Metre:


The Extech MO257 pinless moisture meter provides non-invasive measurement of moisture in wood and other building materials. With relative pinless moisture reading for non-invasive measurement . The MO257 has a pinless measurement depth from 20mm - 40mm below the surface of most common building materials including: wood, plaster board, concrete, brick, render, gypsum board, dropped ceiling, wallpaper, cinder block & mortar.

Inspection Camera


The Extech BR200 Video Borescopeis an extremely versatile, wireless inspection camera that has been designed for inspection in hard to reach and tight locations. The Extech BR200 has a built-in high resolution 704 x 576 pixel camera that has the ability to capture both AVI video and still JPEG images onto a 2GB micro SD memory card. These videos and images can then be uploaded via the USB cable to a computer and included in inspection reports.

And above everything else, Experience, knowing what questions to ask you and investigating the answers, we may be able to solve the problem without any of the above kit saving you money and inconvenience.